Websites & e-commerce

We love open source

Why? It's simple really. As a developing agency we get the latest technology served on a silver platter - and as a client you get a slick, responsive and low-cost solution.
As a bonus you get full control of the site. We are not in the business of long and intransparent deals with our clients - we want you to keep choosing us out of pure love!

Joomla CMS

For cool and responsive websites we do Joomla. Not because we dislike Wordpress, Drupal or any of the others - we just prefer Joomla and happen to be really good at it.

Spree Commerce

When we build e-commerce sites we use Spree Commerce. Its the same 'engine' that Shopify runs on and it is built with Ruby on Rails - our developers favorite language.

    A standard Joomla website is 1.350 EUR.

    That includes...
    • An awesome responsive website
    • 5-8 subpage designs
    • Technical SEO setup

    For a Spree Commerce solution we need a quick talk to assess the scope of the site

    For instance you might need integration with other systems - ERP, accounting etc. Or maybe you need to do some cool affiliate stuff?

Our latest

Excellent Webjoints


Bang & Olufsen are known for their high quality and high class designs. Our mission with this site was to create something to reflect the beauty of their products.

A slick and fast performing e-commerce site build with Spree Commerce.

Check B&O Aarhus

Bang & Olufsen - a JungleCoders web joint

We are not

Just developers

Most developing agencies prefer to develop the specified software and nothing more. But being startup nerds ourselves we like to get involved and actually be a part of the projects we do. As a client you do, of course, get the last word but we will always give you our input and never just nod if we don’t agree.

Koh Tao Divers

The oldest dive shop in Koh Tao also had one of the oldest websites - and that really didn't do these guys justice. But now they got a super visual and user friendly website for excellent customer relations.

Have a peak at this visual beauty

Koh Tao Divers - a JungleCoders web joint
Design by Dane - a JungleCoders web joint

This is one of the smoothest designs we have done in a while! Of course the beauty of the scandinavian furniture design makes it pretty easy for us web dudes.

Definitely a site worth the visit with a very clean and elegant look combined with some kickass parallax effects. 

See for yourself

And a few more

Perfect View Pool Villa - a JungleCoders web joint

Perfect View Pool Villa

A high class site for a luxury villa
Center for ADHD website by JungleCoders

Center for ADHD

Colorful site for a serious business
CG Softdrinks - a JungleCoders web joint

CG Softdrinks

Craft beer deserves a cool presentation
EPJ Design - a JungleCoders web joint

EPJ Design

Simple but elegant e-commece