We are
technical entrepreneurs

We are
technical entrepreneurs

Working across the World Wild Web.

JungleCoders Way

We are a team of visionary company builders and galactic internet kids sharing the same vision of creating new frontiers through technology. 

We believe the brightest tech talent performs best with flexibility and a steep learning curve – not a formal office with strict rules.
Therefore, we strive to build the workplace of tomorrow by empowering JungleCoders to travel across our network of co-working spaces across Denmark, Cyprus and Thailand.

We have spent several years improving recruitment, internal collaboration, transparent client management, and most importantly delivering products of the highest standards. The attractive pricing ... that's just a bonus.


8000 - Aarhus C


8046 Paphos


84360 Koh Tao
  • Denmark

    8000 - Aarhus C
  • Cyprus

    8046 Paphos
  • Thailand

    84360 Koh Tao

The jungle family


Thomas Dragsbæk Mortensen

Client & Product Lead

Anton Bogdanov

Lead Developer Cyprus

Haakon Aleksander Eng

Market & Concept

Rasmus Weber Fredholm

Strategy & Research

Henrik Bøgelund Lavstsen

Lead Developer Thailand

Michael Halkjær Jakobsen

Client & People

... and our army of solid junglecoders.

Interested in becoming a Junglecoder?

We are expanding the family and currently searching for the best talent within software development, UX and graphical design. If you are an extraordinary entrepreneurial talent, sharing our vision of creating new frontiers through the internet – send us a mail.

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