Low cost

high quality

How does that work?

Working smarter
In the business of developing software there are usually two scenarios in play.

  1. High-rate development by highly profiled agencies.
  2. Low-rate development in Asia or Eastern Europe.

We don't believe your office needs to be in New York or London to develop the best apps - and we don't believe you need to squeeze 150 developers into a small room in Bangladesh to do low-cost coding.

We do believe you can create an environment of happy coworkers writing beautiful code by offering more than just a developer job. That way we attract skilled developers that can produce high level software at affordable rates.

Oh... our standard hourly rate is 55 EUR. Probably all you wanted to know.

This is how we roll

The procedure

  • 1. You realize we are the most awesome software geeks to work with.
  • 2. We sketch and wireframe everything leaving nothing unknown before the developing process.
  • 3. With the wireframe in place we give you a fixed price of development.
  • 4. We start developing and send you developer log reports to keep you looped in.
  • 5. We deliver ... on time! And then we grab a coffee together.

Let's work together

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