Get your own developer

Web and software development is expensive – especially in Europe. But it is a big step to outsource it too. There are copyright concerns and communication issues you have to consider – and most importantly you have to trust the guys you hand over your source code to. The trust part takes time… but communication and copyright concerns are easily solved.

Developers at JungleCoders

We hire fresh Computer Science graduates who speak English at an advanced level. Our focus is on candidates who want to be more than another coding slave – and who want to excel in their field and develop themselves as much as the code they write. That is the kind of developer you get for your project with JungleCoders.

We usually get really nerdy with ...

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React.js / React native
  • C# / .NET
  • PHP / Laravel
  • Native iOS & Android

How it works!

We offer 2 kinds of development

Long-term development

This is for companies looking to outsource their existing development or for new long-term software projects. We consider all projects of one month or longer development to be long-term development.
If we have a developer who matches your requirements we can begin right away. Otherwise we will find the perfect guy or girl for the job – and you get to approve the candidates before we begin our screening.
Our hourly rate for long-term development starts at 25 EUR.

Hourly development

For the small jobs, bug fixes and site improvements we offer the regular hourly services. We will estimate the task and give you a fixed price.
Our regular hourly rate is 40 EUR.
Outsource your development with JungleCoders