We are

Gentlemen & JungleCoders!

We have been doing this for quite some time now - in cozy and chilly Denmark. Our Danish company is Webgents - also a full service development agency. And although the name no longer implies it we are still very much gentlemen.
Other than the obvious reasons ( weather, beaches and tax ) we moved to the lovely island of Koh Tao for the adventure and to get new cultural input - food is nice too!
JungleCoders wasn't planned - but then again best things in life never are - just ask our moms and dads ;-) Shortly after moving here one of the agencies we worked with in Denmark needed some help, but we were too busy to get nerdy with them at the time. By chance we had just met a local developer who needed the work and thus became JungleCoders. They got a nice piece of software at a very affordable cost with Danish communication back and forth all the way.

Being nerds far from home

Moving to Thailand is a BIG step and we are not gonna stay forever. Even with Skype and the likes we miss our families and friends too much for that.

But life is good here for now - and our awesome backend nerd Henrik ( Heino ) even lost 50 kilos so far. Thanks to the lack of pizza places who deliver!

JungleCoders however is not a short-term project. We want to keep this company for good and make sure there is always Danish and English speaking developers and managers on site. Thats why we welcome any applications from European and in particular Danish developers, who wants to come here and share this island paradise with us.

Currently we are 16 nerds from all over the world at JungleCoders.

We are hiring!

  • Skilled Rails developer
  • Excellent React Nerd
  • Java Geek

For our Koh Tao or Cyprus office or remote.

You decide!

Happy & hardworking

Jungle nerds

Thomas Mortensen - Rails developer at JungleCoders

Thomas Mortensen

COO & super geeky
Rory Slingo - iOS developer at JungleCoders

Rory Slingo

iOS developer
Morten Tange - CEO at JungleCoders

Morten Tange

Owner & very tall
Henrik Lavstsen - .NET developer at JungleCoders

Henrik Lavstsen

Lead .NET & Android dev
Mike Roach - Rails developer at JungleCoders

Babar Al-amin

Rails & Laravel developer
Kathrin Fuchsbauer - UX developer at JungleCoders

Kathrin Fuchsbauer

Designer & UX
Anton Bogdanov - Rails developer at JungleCoders

Anton Bogdanov

Lead Rails Developer
Michael H. Jakobsen - COO at JungleCoders

Bhaskar Bhatt

PHP / Laravel developer
Pedro Gaudêncio - Bot developer at JungleCoders

Pedro Gaudêncio

Bot & Python developer
Maxime Grandjean - .NET developer at JungleCoders

Maxime Grandjean

.NET Developer
Jonathan Filho - Android developer at JungleCoders

Jonathan Filho

Android Developer
Hugo Guitton - Intern at JungleCoders

Hugo Guitton

RoR prospect!
Michael H. Jakobsen - COO at JungleCoders

Raaz K. Razi

Android developer
Michael H. Jakobsen - COO at JungleCoders

Michael H. Jakobsen

CEO & Coffee addict
Michael H. Jakobsen - COO at JungleCoders

Sagar Unagar

iOS Developer
Michael H. Jakobsen - COO at JungleCoders

Justin Leonhard

Java Developer
Developer job at JungleCoders

RoR Developers

Developer job at JungleCoders

React Developers